Lomi Lomi Massage

Session Information

Because Lomi Lomi originated in Hawaii, I went to Big Island, Hawaii to learn this art. I wanted to experience the traditional feel and bring this essence back to my homeland.

A lomi lomi session is considered to be a sacred journey. So before I start a session, I prepare myself and also allow the treatment room to become a temple, dedicated to the Aloha.

You are invited to set an intention and affirmation for your session. I can help you to reach the most appropriate affirmation for your journey. This intention and affirmation will then be used silently throughout the massage.

Your intention will be given as a prayer at the beginning of the massage. I then sing a Hawaiian Pule, a prayer. The prayer is a powerful vibration which moves throughout the body and is also a call of the Aloha; love of God.

The Kahuna believes that negative energy is stored in the centre of the bone. The massage begins by gently rocking the body and using intent, allowing this energy to be released. This is traditionally known as bone washing.

The oil based massage removes the negative energy from your body and with the power of your intention; it enables you to receive positive energy from the spirit of Aloha.

The massage is given using long, flowing strokes of the forearms, although the hands and sometimes the elbows are used for deeper tissue work.

The session ends with a silent Pule.

The duration of the massage is two hours.

The traditional atmosphere is created with the sounds of Hawaii, and extra warmth is provided by a heated couch.

To allow for the flowing strokes to move smoothly along the whole length of your body, the massage is best received naked. A sheet is used to cover any areas of the body that are not being massaged. Alternatively, the massage can be received without any covering, which allows for a continuous flow of movement around the body.

This is not a sexual service.