Lomi Lomi Massage

Other Treatments

Pulsing Rhythmic Bodywork
1.5 hours – £90

A gentle and nurturing rocking motion which opens the joints and skeletal system. It may also be more energetic; bouncing and stretching the whole body; releasing pain, trauma and energetic blocks.

Pulsing originates from the Hawaiian practise of Bone Washing. It includes ‘Trager’ work and Reichian body, breath and psychotherapeutic techniques.

The aim of Pulsing is to open the joints and skeletal system. The fundamental movement is a gentle rhythmic, rocking motion. Rocking is profoundly nurturing which aids deep relaxation and enables the client to reach an altered state of awareness. A treatment can also be more energetic where the whole body is lengthened, bounced, stretched, lifted and rotated. The movement invites the body and mind to release deeply held tensions; physical pain, emotional trauma and energetic blocks.

More information can be found on www.pulsing.org.uk

Self Mastery
2 hours – £120

A combination of spiritual counselling, energy healing and bodywork to aid personal and spiritual growth, so you may know and live your truth.

Spiritual counselling is a combination of aura readings and communication with spiritual beings to obtain guidance on the affliction and a direction for recovery.  With this information Kailash can then use a variety of healing modalities and bodywork to release the mental, emotional, energetic and physical blockages.  This allows for cellular and neurological re-programming to be achieved through positive affirmations and healing energy.  Information on how to continue with this healing process is often given, supporting the re-programming and also aiding self-empowerment, creating a healthy and positive lifestyle.