Lomi Lomi Massage


What people are saying about Lomi Lomi Massage with Kailash

The most amazing massage I’ve ever had.”

This was a most wonderful massage, and an overall experience which left me feeling physically and spiritually well integrated and nourished. I slept really soundly afterwards and have a feeling of inner calm and wellbeing which has stayed with me for days.

Even at two hours, it feels far too short.”

I felt absolutely fabulous afterwards; as if I had been to heaven for a while. I then noticed that an arm muscle problem I’d had for over two years had stopped being a problem! I had not even mentioned the problem to Kailash before the treatment; so was very impressed. “

I have had three sessions and every session has been so different and yet relevant to what my body, mind and soul needed. Today’s session was particularly powerful – I came feeling rundown, emotionally drained and physically tired. I am leaving on such a different plane – absolutely amazing!”

“This was my first taste of Lomi Lomi Massage and it was fantastic”